How to Choose Children’s Shoes?

From 0 to 8 Months

Throughout this period where children do not walk, shoes are unnecessary, and even contraindicated. You can still choose supple shoes with or without soles. Babies’ feet should be free from all constraints.

From 8 to 30 Months

As soon as children are able to stand up and attempt to walk, they need baby shoes. This type of shoe provides light support for feet, which, at this age, are often still very flat.

30 Months and Beyond

Babies should wear baby shoes if their feet are still flat. As walking becomes easier, baby shoes should be replaced by lower shoes.

Practical Advice

Crawling is an important step of the development of vision, muscles, and posture. Children should be accompanied and encouraged to walk. But should never be forced into doing so. It’s just nature at work.

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