How to Choose the Right Size for Shoes?

The required shoe size varies depending on the length, width, and thickness of your feet. Surprisingly, no internationally recognized norm or size system exists for shoes. Shoes are manufactured using templates whose dimensions vary from one manufacturer to the other, and even from one shoe model to the other. Nowadays, manufacturers virtually no longer produce half sizes or shoes of varying widths. Here is some useful advice to help consumers.

Brannock Device

Used in all shoe stores worthy of the name, the Brannock Device is used to measure feet. Although it does not directly tell the user’s shoe size, it gives a good idea of which sizes to try.

Removable Insoles

Certain shoes have removable insoles. They are a great way of seeing if a given shoe’s size is appropriate for a child; simply have them stand on the removed insole. This method is both easy to use and reliable.

Shoe Size Finger Test

Have the child put on the shoe properly and stand up, push their foot forward, toward the tip of the shoe, and then put your index finger between the child’s heel and the back of the shoe. The amount of free space should be about the thickness of your index finger. This little trick lets you check if the size of the shoe is right. Since this trick is generally reliable, it is commonly used by shoe salespeople.

Foot Growth

Wearing shoes that are slightly longer than the length of the feet is an excellent way of promoting foot growth. Note, however, that shoes that are much too long will cause feet to joggle, causing irritation and injuries. Additional measures are required for narrow and delicate feet.

Things to Check

Ask the child to stand up, and then feel the tip of their toes. There should be a small space between the tip of their toes and the tip of their shoes. Then, feel for the width of their feet to make sure that they fill the shoes without being compressed. Do this for both shoes.

Practical Advice

Visit stores that offer adequate consulting services for children. Regularly check the condition of the child’s shoes. Make sure they are not worn and that the size is still appropriate.


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