Differences Between Podiatrists and Orthotists

Programs of Studies for Podiatrists and Orthotists

Podiatrists obtain a Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine after completing a university-level program of studies spanning over 4000 hours. Orthotists obtain a college diploma after completing a program of studies on the manufacture of orthoses and prostheses of all types.

Functions of Podiatrists and Orthotists

Podiatrists are able to perform a comprehensive examination of the foot, take X-ray photographs, and prescribe medication and orthoses. Orthotists manufacture orthoses according to instructions provided by physicians or podiatrists; they are neither able to evaluate the state of health of feet nor diagnose conditions.

Can Podiatrists Prescribe and Sell Plantar Orthoses?

Yes; the Podiatry Act is very clear on this matter. Podiatrists are allowed to prescribe, manufacture, and sell plantar orthoses. All of these services are offered at the Clinique podiatrique de l’Estrie, and the necessary follow-ups are carried out by the podiatrists themselves. Due to their training, podiatrists are the best and most competent type of health professional to perform a biomechanical exam, diagnose foot conditions, prescribe appropriate orthoses, monitor patient progress, and evaluate results.

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