Corn and Callus


Corn and callus are two types of hyperkeratosis, which is a thickening or a hardening of the epidermis caused by repeated pressure and friction. Callus mainly appears on the sole of the foot, the inner part of the big toe, or the outer side of the heel. They can sometimes cause deep fissures or crevices that are very painful. Plantar corn is a deeply seeded type of callus, making it more painful.

Wearing high-heeled or ill-fitted shoes, obesity, biomechanical anomalies of the walk cycle, flat feet, arched feet, loss of adipose tissue (fat tissue) in the foot, and the presence of bony prominences are frequent causes of corn or callus.


Corn and callus can cause a pressure or burning sensation, as well as intense pain.


Treatment of corn or callus varies depending on the cause of the hyperkeratosis. Usually, debridement of the affected area is enough to provide instant relief. Dr. Patrice Roy developed a highly effective treatment method to eliminate these painful lesions and prevent them from reappearing. Many podiatrists have adopted this method as well.

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