Diabetic Foot


Diabetes has serious complications for multiple parts of the body, including feet.


In seniors, the decrease in blood flow hinders the healing of wounds and increases the risk of infection. Circulatory disorders caused by diabetes lead to a loss of sensitivity in extremities. Diabetic people may not feel sharp object they step on or scalding hot bath water. As such, they may seriously injure themselves, and the healing of dermal lesions may be hindered due to the circulatory problems caused by diabetes. Consulting a podiatrist is the best way of preventing foot-related complications of diabetes.


Those affected by diabetes should pay special attention to their day-to-day hygiene, to the treatment of foot injuries, and to their choice of footwear. Clinique podiatrique de l’Estrie podiatrists are able to guide, advise you, and provide appropriate treatment. Dr. Philippe Deschesnes is part of the CHUS/Hôtel-Dieu multidisciplinary team specialized in the treatment of diabetes.

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