Dr. Patrice Roy, Podiatrist

Dear patients,

I announce my retirement as a podiatrist, effective December 16th, 2020. It’s with great confidence that I transfer all my files to my colleagues; Dr. Philippe Deschesnes, podiatrist, and my associate since 2010; Dr. Elizabeth Laroche, podiatrist, and my associate since 2019; Dr. Emmanuel Grenier, podiatrist.

Thank you, dear patients, for your loyalty and trust

Dr Patrice Roy, podiatrist



Obtained a Doctorate in Podiatric Medicine from the Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine (Temple University) in June 1990.

Titles, Prices, and Awards

  • Honorary member of the Stirling-Harford Honorary Anatomical Society since 1987 (for excellence in anatomical sciences).
  • Honorary member of the Who’s Who among students in American universities and colleges in 1990 (for excellence in graduate studies and outstanding career path).
  • Recipient of the Robert W. Adler grant in 1988 (for excellence in anatomy of the lower limbs).
  • Recipient of the Drs. Rubin and Dora Rosen Award in 1990 (for excellence in the application of biomechanical principles in reconstructive surgery of the foot).
  • Recipient of the Fondation de médecine podiatrique du Québec grant in 1998.
  • Recipient of the Oum Class grant of 1990.
  • Profession ambassador, Association des podiatres du Québec, November 2015.

Career Summary

  • Founded the Clinique podiatrique de l’Estrie in 1990.
  • Member of the Ordre des podiatres du Québec board of directors from 1998 to 2007.
  • Chair of the Ordre des podiatres du Québec study committee on podiatric radiology from 1995 to 2001.
  • Consultant in podiatric pharmacology, Office des professions du Québec from 2001 to 2003, and Ordre des podiatres du Québec from 1995 to 2006.
  • Teacher at the Unité d’enseignement et de traitement du diabète du Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke, podiatrist-member of the multidisciplinary team from 1993 to 1998.
  • Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine program: professor and originator of the orthoses and prostheses course 2006-2011, externship supervisor since 2004.
  • Administrator of the Association des podiatres du Québec from 2012 to 2015.
  • Speaker and organizer for numerous podiatry-related seminars from 1999 to this day.
  • Speaker and organizer for numerous conferences for the public at large and specialist groups for the prevention of foot conditions in diabetic patients.
  • Speaker, Fédération internationale de la podiatrie, Rome 2013.
  • Author, Mémoire sur la radiologie podiatrique au Québec; May 2014.

Dr Patrice Roy

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