What Makes Good Shoes for Children?

The necessary qualities of shoes vary widely depending on children’s age and needs. Here are some basic concepts, advice, and suggestions to help parents.

Generally, the price of shoes is a strong indicator of their quality, but this criterion is not foolproof. To evaluate the overall quality of shoes, each of its main components must be examined carefully.

Outer Sole

The outer sole should be at least 1 cm thick, and slightly elevated under the heel. It should be made out of a material that is flexible, absorbent, and non-slip. Furthermore, it must bend well at the toes, but resist torsion.

Inner Sole

The inner sole should be made out of leather or flexible fabric. Certain soles are fitted with a plantar arch support, which is often an indicator of high quality manufacture. Others can be removed, allowing easy replacement, as needed.

Shoe Portion

The shoe portion should be relatively solid around the heel section. It should preferably be made out of leather, and include a good quality lining. To prevent friction and skin irritation, the seams should be located appropriately and not protrude.


Shoelaces are the best way of tying shoes. Velcro is also acceptable. Whatever the type, however, shoes should be easy to open in order to facilitate foot insertion. It’s important to tie and untie shoes properly.

Practical Advice

Place the shoes on a tablet, and then inspect them from the back to make sure that they are symmetrical and present no manufacturing defect between the sole and the shoe portion.

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