Advice, Recommendations, and Cautions

Prescriber Clinicians

Make sure that the prescriber clinician is able to perform exams, produce a diagnostic, write an order, and conduct the necessary follow-up. Only podiatrists and physicians are fully reputable, and, due to their field of training and expertise, podiatrists are the best placed to order plantar orthoses.


Orthotist-prothesists and orthotists of the foot are technicians who have been trained to produce orthoses. They are not authorized to perform medical examinations nor provide a diagnostic. They are not authorized to order plantar orthoses either.

Technological Devices

More and more “specialized” devices are emerging to evaluate the state of feet. Be cautious, however; many of these devices are more “flashy” than effective, and were never tested medically or scientifically. Although they may be useful in some cases, these devices can never replace physical or biomechanical exams performed by a podiatrist.


In many cases, plantar orthoses can only be worn in a specific type of shoes (work shoes, safety shoes, sports shoes, dress shoes, ski boots, etc.). This is why it’s important to make sure that any shoes purchased are compatible with orthoses. Very often, aesthetic qualities of shoes are incompatible with the therapeutic and functional objectives of orthoses.

Fabrication of Custom-made Orthoses

Many foot clinics ask of patients that they stand on a photographic platform or on an electronic pressure sensor. The images generated by these devices are not real footprints, and the orthoses manufactured using these images are not custom made, but instead prefabricated and then adjusted.

Are Therapeutic Results Guaranteed?

Never! Neither medical treatments nor orthoses can ever guarantee positive results in 100% of cases. Being cautious is essential. Beware of con artists. The Clinique de l’Estrie podiatrists make a point of honour of being upfront and honest.

Currently Wearing Plantar Orthoses?

If such is the case, ask yourself whether they really are the best for you and if you are getting the expected results. Clinique podiatrique de l’Estrie podiatrists are able to help you and provide advice. It is often possible to adjust a patient’s current orthoses at little cost for better results.

advice from a podiatrist

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