High-arched Feet


High-arched feet are characterized by an excessive hollowing of the plantar arch. Expressions such as “supination of the foot,” “hypersupination of the foot,” and “outward-facing foot” are also used to describe this foot condition. High-arched feet are much less common than flat feet as a condition.

High-arched feet affect general posture, on top of causing several serious problems, including ankle instability.

The causes of high-arched feet include heredity, certain congenital diseases, and certain neurological diseases.


High-arched feet are associated to several other foot conditions such as callus, plantar fasciitis, sprains, and ankle tendinitis.

High-arched feet have a significant impact on posture and shock absorption. They are recognized as a major and common cause of back pain.


If there are no symptoms, this anomaly requires no treatment. However, if the patient is suffering from symptoms, the podiatrist may recommend a variety of treatments, and even surgery. In the majority of cases, wearing orthoses proves to be effective.

Clinique podiatrique de l’Estrie podiatrists are able to recommend the treatment that best suits the needs of patients suffering from high-arched feet.

High-arched feet

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