Feet: the Base of the Body’s Structure

Here at the Clinique podiatrique de l’Estrie, we put all necessary efforts forward to properly identify foot conditions and prescribe orthoses that are specifically adapted to your needs.



Feet are made up of 28 bones and 30 joints that are connected by multiple ligaments, 20 muscles, which allow for movement, and a network of arteries, veins, and nerves. Skin and its appendages (hairs and nails) cover the entire feet to form a complex organ which serves as the base of the body’s support and ability to move.

Foot Biomechanical Exam

Biomechanical Exam

Any good exam begins with anamnesis and a review of the history of the main and secondary troubles. The podiatrist then uses palpation to accurately identify which structures are at the root of the patient’s complaint.

Prescription of Orthoses

Prescription of Orthoses

Regulations for medical orders apply to all treatment types, whether they are for medication, ocular prostheses, dental prostheses, or plantar orthoses.

Custom-made Manufacture for Orthosis

Custom-made Manufacture

Orthoses are custom-made using casts. Several techniques exist to record footprints: casts, foams, waxes, and even digital casting.

Plantar Orthoses Laboratory

Plantar Orthoses Laboratory

The Clinique podiatrique de l’Estrie is proud to have partnered with PodoKop, a Québec company dedicated to the conception and manufacture of high quality plantar orthoses for certified podiatrists whom master applied biomechanics.

Foot advice and cautions

Advice and Cautions

If you believe you may need orthoses, here are some advice, recommendations, and cautions.

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