Orthoses for Children

Foot conditions can be present from birth. They must be treated as early as possible since developing bones, which are softer than mature bones, respond better to treatments. For children, the use of plantar orthoses allows to:

  • Correct poor posture;
  • Correct walking abnormalities;
  • Combat reluctance to walk, run, or play;
  • Correct flat feet;
  • Relieve growing pains.

Parents who observe poor posture or walking abnormalities should consult a podiatrist as soon as possible. Mechanically controlling developing feet with orthoses can help correct the issue and prevent future serious surgical interventions.

Clinique podiatrique de l’Estrie podiatrists have been treating children for nearly 30 years. Many foot conditions for children can be corrected through wearing orthoses for a certain period of time.

Orthoses for Children

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