Prescription of Plantar Orthoses

The legislation and regulation on medical orders apply to all medical treatments, pharmacological treatments, ocular prostheses, dental prostheses, and plantar orthoses. For pharmacological treatments, the order must indicate the name of the medication and its strength, quantity, and posology. For treatments using medical devices, the content of the order varies depending on the nature of the device; still, the order must indicate the device’s technical specifications and manufacture details.

Orders for plantar orthoses can provide dozens of manufacture instructions; they must, however, include a number of basic information, including the type of materials that must be used for the manufacture, the modifications to make to the positive print, the shape of the orthoses, the stabilization angles, and the lining (wrapping and padding).

To get an idea of the complexity of a medical order, click here to display the form used at the Clinique podiatrique de l’Estrie.

Prescription of Orthoses

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