What Kind of Socks Should I Wear with my Shoes?

Socks protect feet against cold, heat, moisture, and friction. They also help reduce irritation and risks of skin infection, on top of reducing wear and tear inside shoes. We recommend that socks be changed often during lengthy sports activities.

Choosing the right type of sock for your shoes is important, as socks that are too thick risk compressing your feet. Socks that are too thin risk causing your feet to joggle and rub against certain parts of your shoes.


Wool is a material that offers good protection against cold and absorbs moisture. Wool socks are a wise choice in the winter. Cotton, which dries faster than wool, is an excellent choice in the summer. Socks made of synthetic fibres can also be found in stores. Polyester is thin and affordable, but offers no protection against moisture and cold. Polypropylene, on the other hand, protects the skin against moisture and is therefore a good choice.

Practical Advice

Many chemicals are used for manufacturing shoes. Glues and dyes may cause severe irritation. Wearing socks is a great protective measure, as the skin of your feet is particularly sensitive.

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